Confessions of a Sociopath

I have always had an interest in psychology. Maybe it is simple curiosity of how people thinks, maybe I learned a lot from my mother who is actually a qualified psychologist. Either way, people have been fascinating, and I find interest in psychology books. I love how the human mind can work both consciously and... Continue Reading →


The new adventure (and quarter life crisis)

Adventure isn't always about travel. Sometimes the adventure is finding yourself. And that is what this year was about. After spending a year in a relationship and changing myself to be someone I thought would be suited to my partner, while in turn, trying to make my partner into someone that suited me... I lost... Continue Reading →

Rescu Me

Yes, you read that right. RESCU with no E on the end. I would consider this book my new lifestyle bible.  Written by Bahar Etminan, with all her information compiled together by her friends and colleagues that cover all aspects of one's lifestyle. It covers fitness to fashion to finance. What made this book such... Continue Reading →

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