My life in writing and design


To cut a long story short, I am a creative. I make art with either a camera (in front and behind of one), with words as a writer, with computers and photos as a graphic designer… You name it. I am always up for a creative challenge.

The Wren Diaries has a lot of meaning to me. The Wren to me is simply because my dad once read me a poem called Jenny Wren. And my real name being Jenny, well it seemed fitting.

I decided to make this website for many reasons. I love to share creativity and connect with like minded people. And most importantly, I like to share and showcase.

Here you will find writing of all kinds, some from articles I have written for multiple platforms to daily thoughts and journals or what is just happening in my head. Day to day life even, mainly the big moments in my life.

With graphic design, a few pieces of fun pieces and some work parts I have worked on.

Photography, that is just a hobby.

Now I am sure you are wondering about the acting and modelling, people tend to get curious. Acting was a dream that slowly became more real as I grew up, and as I grew up, I became more aware and realistic. For now, I am happy doing it as a hobby with a few well paying gigs here and there. But making it would be awesome and I wouldn’t complain.

So there you have a part of me in a nut shell. I am sure if you follow and see what I do and write, you will learn more and more about me.

I do hope you enjoy what I have to share and do.