Rescu Me

Yes, you read that right. RESCU with no E on the end.


I would consider this book my new lifestyle bible.  Written by Bahar Etminan, with all her information compiled together by her friends and colleagues that cover all aspects of one’s lifestyle.

It covers fitness to fashion to finance.

What made this book such a good read was the fact that Etminan didn’t just write as someone who knows how to handle life and had everything under control.  She wrote as someone who had their life go down in a way that pushed her to build it all back up.

The bonus, buying this book from Dymocks earned me a free Clinique make up purse with some great products by them.

Which brings me to my Rescu.

Rescu-ing myself wasn’t easy.  It isn’t something that is easy.  Changing your life isn’t simple from one book.  In fact, it isn’t the book that helps you change your life, it is you as a person to make that decision.  I came across this book after reading many other books to help with personal issues.

This book doesn’t have all the answers, it simply has the choices you can make and guidelines as to what you can do to make those changes.  I worked as a nanny for a family before and hardly had time to myself or could bring myself to go out as much.  I was hardly earning any money for the sake of having somewhere to live in a new city.

I lost a friend of 10 years simply because I wasn’t a happy or successful person to be around.  We were each other’s problem and it was toxic.  It was something I had to move on from, but more on that on another post.

Reading this book inspired me to make the changes needed.  In lifestyle and fashion ideas as well as getting rid of the baggage holding me back from my personal rescu.

As I said at the start, my Rescu hasn’t been easy as I have fallen back down time and time again.  But, all it will take now, is for me to try again with a new fresh take and angle and home.

I am in a better home and work environment and not as isolated as I was before.  I have amazing new friends and a career that has taken a giant leap.

Until then, keep looking out for yourself and keep checking back here when you can 😉



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