Connections after disconnection

So I called one of my oldest friends, which took a lot as I have always tried to be independent and not burden others, and had a discussion about my current situation. He knows me more than anyone, even after our radio silence, he has my back. Jen, I know you! You are a nice... Continue Reading →

More than you know

I grew up with three older brothers. I may have grown up protected, but I was by no means sheltered. I have dated the worst people and been hurt in the worst way possible. It doesn’t mean I will take it or allow my insecurities to rule who I am. I can hurt someone just... Continue Reading →

Treat Yourself

The best part of enjoying your own company? Choosing what you're doing! Going to cafes/restaurants and seeing a movie alone is the best and most liberating thing and often goes underrated. And sometimes gets you a shocked look from the waiter when you ask for a table for one. I have my early mornings back... Continue Reading →

Finding the Calm

The past few posts aren't my proudest. But they are me at my most real and raw. I wish that I could say everything is smooth sailing. But it isn't. It isn't always easy, but if it was, we wouldn't be human. While I feel like 2019 was wasted on someone I thought cared about... Continue Reading →

Wild Child

My skin has always been one of these tough things in my life to deal with. As a child, I grew up with horrible eczema with no idea how to control it, let alone not disciplined enough to listen to my doctor. "No petting the animals Miss Brown" of course, I loved my pet cat... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Rachael Kable about her podcast. How much her stuff helped me. (Yes, I slid into her DMs). My ex-boyfriend got me onto her podcast - the one good thing he did for me, I think. And to have her send me uplifting voice clips and advice,... Continue Reading →

The Beaten Path

A lot of people believe that when we are born, we are set on a certain path. We all imagine this path to be straight forward. Simple to walk. But we always tend to forget the detours and the forks in the roads.  We aren’t always on our path, sometimes we can end up off... Continue Reading →

Short entry – Journaling

I usually write with raw honesty, because I have nothing to hide. And I want people to read my blog with understanding and relatability. Because as someone who spends most of their time alone, I know what it feels like to feel completely on my own and like you're the only person going through something... Continue Reading →

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